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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Montreat Fund?

The annual Montreat Fund is a critical part of Montreat Conference Center’s annual ministry.  The Montreat Fund supports approximately 11.5% of the Conference Center’s budget, keeping the quality of the Montreat experience high, while supporting its year-round conferences and recreational facilities.

How much funding do you receive from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)?

In the past, Montreat Conference Center could look to the Presbyterian denomination to provide the Conference Center with the financial support it needed to underwrite its ministry. While the General Assembly still cares deeply about the Conference Center, due to financial restraints, the denomination no longer offers any direct financial support. That means we must turn to people like you—our donors—to help keep Montreat strong.

Why is the Montreat Fund so important?

The Montreat Fund has been in existence since the late 60's. Over the years hundreds of families who have donated on a regular basis. The Montreat Fund has grown from $300,000 to $750,000 in the last 10 years. However, to continue to offer the breadth of programming required today and remain financially viable, we must increase the Montreat Fund to $1 million a year by the end of the comprehensive campaign (2016) and double the number of donors from 700 (current donors) to 1,400.

How will the money raised be used?

Your gift will support the areas below and more.  For more information, click Make A Difference

  • A year-round conference season
  • World-class conference leaders
  • Scholarships for conferences
  • The Sunday Summer Worship Series
  • Ministry to children & youth through the Clubs summer day camp
  • Robert Lake Park playground
  • The Currie Craft and Sally Jones Pottery Center
  • Bill Wilde Youth Center
  • Friday Night Barn Dances
  • Sunday evening hymn sings in the Assembly Inn
  • The annual 4th of July celebration
  • Twenty miles of hiking trails in 2,500 acres of wilderness
  • Lake Susan, the tennis courts, & the swimming pool
  • A 400 person Volunteer Service Corps
  • A 125 + collegiate summer staff
  • Grounds beautification & facility maintenance

Do we really need to spend money during a slow economy?

Investing in Montreat Conference Center is a constant requirement, no matter what the economy may be. In fact, we need more donations during a slow economy as many individuals are financially challenged. With your support we can offer scholarships for adult and youth conferences, while maintaining the facilities and recreational facilities. When we all come together with our gifts, no matter the size, we can be proud of the difference we can make in the lives of those who seek out Montreat for spiritual renewal.

Do we really need to update the facilities? They seem to have worked fine for years.

If we continue to put off updates, we risk losing conferences and other events because today’s conferee demands more sophisticated facilities. The rustic accommodations of the past bring back fond memories, but they can put people off who are used to the conveniences of newer, modern facilities in other locations.

Will my donation really make a difference?

Yes, yes, YES!!!  If 500 new donors, including you (that’s fewer than the number who attend just one week of Summer Youth Conference), each contribute just $25 a month, those donations will grow to $150,000 after twelve months.

Or, if your budget allows $10 a month (less than you might spend for lunch out one day in the month), with 500 new donors, including you, at that level of giving, those gifts would accumulate to $60,000 over one year.

Is it okay if youth contribute, too?

Yes! We encourage youth to make contributions. It’s our hope that young people will start today with whatever they can afford, and someday have the means to contribute larger gifts to Montreat.  Nearly 11,000 children, youth and young adults experience Montreat each year, and if just 10% of them were to contribute an average of $10 a month, Montreat would be blessed with about $132,000 in annual gifts. 

What is a Patron of the Montreat Fund?

A Patron is a donor that gives a gift of $300 or more to the Montreat Fund (formerly the Annual Fund). All donors are considered "Patrons" of the Montreat Fund. Those donors that gifts total between $300 and $599.99 during the fiscal year May 1-Apr.30 are considered "Patrons" of the Montreat Fund at the Patron level.

What are the benefits of becoming a Patron?

All current donors and those with pledges to the Montreat Fund will receive an invitation to the Montreat Fund Dinner and a bumper sticker showing their level of support.

Other benefits for the various giving levels are as follows:

Patron $300-$599.99 receives an invitation to the Montreat Fund Dinner, early Clubs registration and a bumper sticker.

Gold Patrons $600-$1199.99 receive an invitation to the Montreat Fund Dinner, early Clubs registration and a bumper sticker.

President's Club $1,200-$2999.99 receive an invitation to the Montreat Fund Dinner, a bumper sticker, all recreational activities in Montreat at no charge, early Clubs registration, and Youth conference keynote addresses.

Pledged Society level donors receive an invitation to the Montreat Fund Dinner, a bumper sticker, all recreational activities in Montreat at no charge, early Clubs registration, Youth conference keynote addresses and a 10% discount at the Montreat Books and Gifts and General Store.