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Make a Difference Tomorrow by Contributing Today

The ministry at Montreat Conference Center has existed for more than 100 years since its founding in 1897 on 4,300 acres. While Montreat is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has a strong supportive relationship with the General Assembly, the conference center is a separate non-profit responsible for its own financial welfare.

Montreat Conference Center annually serves more than 700 congregations and over 47,000 individuals experience Montreat each year through its extensive programs of Christian education, recreation and spiritual renewal. A wide variety of meeting, housing, dining, and recreational facilities comfortably accommodate individuals as well as gatherings ranging in size from large conferences to private retreats and reunions.

In November of 2010, the Mountain Retreat Association Board of Directors approved a comprehensive campaign that encompasses three objectives:

  1. to grow annual support (Montreat Fund) to $1 million a year;
  2. to renovate Assembly Inn and other facilities; and
  3. to raise endowment for Assembly Inn maintenance and youth and adult programming.

The Montreat Fund is an integral part of this campaign. Gifts to the Montreat Fund will count toward the campaign goal.

Patrons' gifts make possible such community treasures as:

  Robert Lake Park Summer worship
  Friday night barn dances World class speakers
  Currie Craft Center and Sally Jones Pottery Bill Wilde Youth Center
  Miles of wilderness trails Conference scholarships
  Fourth of July Parade Lake Susan and more

Patrons make Montreat the special place it is!

We must raise $4 million for the Montreat Fund over the next five years. The Montreat fund accounts for 11.5% of the operating budget. To meet our campaign objectives, and this year's goal of $775,000, we need your support! We believe you care about the significant ministry of Montreat Conference Center and its importance to the Presbyterian Church.

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