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How Lives are Transformed at Montreat

Pottery Video
“What’s NEXT?”—Rev. Shannon Kerschner, of Black Mountain Presbyterian Church shares the vision of NEXT Church with the Montreat Community.
Pottery Video
“Montreat Matters”— Listen to how Montreat matters to folks young and older, church professionals and lay people alike.
Pottery Video
Watch 1,300 bright-eyed youth stream into Anderson Auditorium, and get pumped for their Friday—last day activies.
Pottery Video
“Breathtaking: April in Montreat”—a trip through Monreat with spring blooms and end-of-fiscal year notes.
Pottery Video
“Montreat Gives Thanks”—Give at the Gold Patron level or above, and receive the limited edition, Faith of Our Fathers CD.
Pottery Video
“Geography, Memory, and Hope: Montreat in the Midst of a Changing Church”—a talk by the president of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Pottery Video

A typical summer evening in the Craft/Pottery Center is filled with the joy of people of all ages being creative.
Cindy Rigby Video
Cynthia Rigby, Professor of Theology at Austin Seminary, comments on Montreat’s commitment to the whole person and the whole church.
Youth Ask

Friday of summer Youth Camp. Follow their special day, and listen as several youth share from their hearts.
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